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Nate Fredenburg

My education is in fine art printmaking. When I first entered the job market, CG was just taking off and most of us were self taught. When I was hired at Tippett Studio, it was the technical execution of my printmaking that landed me job.


In my career since, I have built and led teams of artists and I have directed the look of the work across multiple departments. I have an equally strong understanding of artistic goals and technical constraints and the vision to bring those elements together.

My extensive production background allows me to anticipate production needs and design execution strategies. I develop approaches with supervisors and clients, broker consensus amongst crew, and clearly communicate goals to artists. Balancing deadlines and tight budgets, I help schedule and manage the scope of the work with the art team.


Working as a creative has not just been a career choice, but a lifestyle. It is an important part of my relationship with my sons, who are both high school students in the Visual Arts program at the Oakland School for the Arts. Drawing and making things is just part of what we do. In the past couple of years, I have also returned to making prints, which you can see in the Prints & Paintings section.


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